Association of Liberian Universities ( ALU )


Joseph T. Isaac, Ed.D.  -  President, ALU

1. Membership Dues and Budget
    a. Review ALU monthly expenditures and design new annual budget process
    b. Lobby the Government of Liberia for annual subsidy and or grant funding
    c. Develop strategies to improve rate of ALU dues collection

2. Provide Full Membership to all Two-Year Degree Granting Institutions in Liberia

3. Expand ALU Reach and Participation Nationally through affinity activities
    a. Establish Affinity Work Groups
        i. Business and Finance Officers
        ii. Academic Officers
        iii. Human Resource Officers
        iv. Institutional Research Officers
        v. Facilities Managers
        vi. Student Services Officers
        vii. Institutional Advancement / University Relations Officers

4. Office of the Secretariat
    a. Review and revise position descriptions for all staff of the Secretariat, and develop Org chart
    b. Rename the position of Secretary General to Executive Director

5. Expand the Reach of ALU Abroad
    a. Establish linkages with similar organizations internationally for information sharing
    b. Seek best practice opportunities abroad for ALU member institutions
    c. Invite international speakers periodically to ALU annual functions
    d. Identify and leverages opportunities with the Georgia University Consortium for Liberia
        i. Faculty, Staff and Student Exchange
        ii. Study Abroad Programs
        iii. Joint Degree Programs
        iv. Scholarship Opportunities
        v. Joint Research Opportunities
        vi. Articulation Agreements
        vii. Accreditation Assistance
        viii. Professional Development Programs

6. Articulations between Liberian Colleges and Universities
    a. Promote partnerships between Liberian Colleges and Universities

7. Accreditation and Quality Control
    a. Help establish Liberia’s new Commission on Accreditation
    b. Assist Liberian Colleges and Universities in advancing quality control

8. Enhance ALU and NCHE Relationship
    a. Collaborate with the National Commission on Higher Education to enhance evaluations, peer review, recognition, and establishment of new    institutions

9. Terminal Degree Program
    a. Develop and implement plans to pursue the establishment of PhD/EdD programs in Liberia
    b. Identify and invite reputable transnational PhD programs to Liberia

10. Annual ALU Retreat and Research Conference
    a. Plan and conduct “Annual Retreat and Research Institute” for ALU member Institutions

11. Joint Degree and Dual Degree Programs
    a. Encourage partnership between universities, with joint degree outcomes
    b. Encourage partnership between colleges and universities, with dual degree outcomes

12. K-12 Collaborations
    a. Partner with the Ministry of Education, and selected schools to advance teaching and learning in English, Math and Science; and conduct annual workshop for school teachers
    b. Create an “Adopt a School Program” identify grant funding opportunities for Colleges and Universities to work on specific issues faced by schools

13. Establish Business and Industry Collaborations
    • Identify opportunities to conduct research for business and industry

14. Develop and launch a website for the Association of Liberian Universities